A Day On, Not A Day Off

AmeriCorps members with WCNCS Commissioner, Rhosetta Rhodes

AmeriCorps members with WCNCS Commissioner, Rhosetta Rhodes

YouthBuild members assisted with the Youth Empowerment Luncheon, which raised money for youth programs sponsored by MLK Family Outreach Center.

Members assisted with the MLK Family Outreach Center Youth Empowerment Luncheon.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2014
by Michael Sugai, YouthBuild AmeriCorps member

On January 20th, the streets of Spokane were marched upon; not in anger or malice, but for justice and equality. Upwards of 1000 people at the Spokane convention center were whisked away by the beautiful voice of Olynda Stone, while the awe inspiring words of the great rev. Carolyn Gordon provided words of wisdom to empower citizens for the march to “Walk it off” in reference to anything holding you back.

With the help of AmeriCorps and YouthBuild members, Freda Gandy and Tara Dowd (event coordinators) had the area set up for the Community Resource Fair, where the community had the opportunity to gain knowledge in many different fields ranging from NAACP to information about Habitat for Humanity, and EVERYTHING in-between.

Aaron Lollar and Richard Hall Help 7 year old Kara make a Pinecone owl.

Aaron Lollar and Richard Hall Help 7 year old Kara make a Pinecone owl.

The Spokane Service Team coordinated a children’s fair where kids were able to ask questions about the events of the day and spend time working on broadening their inspirational and inquisitive minds with crafts such as “The Eye in the Sky,” designing and making their very own pine cone owl figurines, crafting lanyards and answering the question, “What is one change you would make in your community?” with answers displayed on a poster.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. paved the way in the fight for equality and justice among racial lines in America. His dream still lives on in all those who marched on Monday. It is the will and drive of every one of us that will keep his idea and dream alive for the children of today and for the leaders of tomorrow.

Make a Difference Day 2013

Sorting BooksBy AmeriCorps Member, Anna Roesel
AmeriCorps members partnered with Center Pointe for Make a Difference Day to carry out a truly memorable service project.

Center Pointe is a non-profit care facility that provides recreational socialization and educational opportunities for adults with disabilities. They provide classes to improve their independence. AmeriCorps members were excited to help this population which has been historically marginalized by society.

On October 26, 36 volunteers arrived at Center Pointe for a day long service project. Three rooms were in dire need of organization to offer a more functional purpose for the facility. Center Pointe will now be able to expand their classrooms .Two Classrooms were reorganized and given some TLC.

Make a Difference Day lived up to its name. Members helped alleviate the stresses put on staff of a facility that had become bogged down.

“Volunteering at Center Pointe was a remarkable experience! I was happy to spend time with an organization that does so much for our community! They are extraordinary people, who do extraordinary things.”
-Adrian Bishop, YouthBuild AmeriCorps Member