Rebuilding Together: Spokane


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Saturday, April 25th 2009 – Tens of thousands of volunteers across America performed rehabilitation and revitalization work for over 2,000 needy homeowners and non-profit organizations as part of Rebuilding Together’s National Rebuilding Day.  In Spokane, Washington hundreds of volunteers from businesses, churches, schools, non-profit organizations and AmeriCorps came together to perform over $60,000 of life changing work at six homes and two non-profit organizations.  In all, there were over 250 volunteers and the work benefited approximately 300 people in the Spokane community.  This one-day event was a true success, bringing together a variety of people for the betterment of the community.

In Spokane the work consisted of everything from painting, landscaping, and general cleanup to hanging new doors, roofing, demolition, and installing cabinets. Volunteers came from as far away as Bremerton, Washington to be involved. A group of women serving as AmeriCorps participants made the 250+ mile, cross-state trek from Bremerton to Spokane to be part of the event. The work they did will benefit six formerly homeless veterans who will work to get back on their feet in a Volunteers of America run veterans transitional house.  The four women who made the journey spent Friday chopping wood for the elderly in Bremerton then drove through the night to Spokane to help with National Rebuilding Day.  Their commitment and capacity for service truly exemplifies the spirit of AmeriCorps.  Locally there were approximately 15 AmeriCorps members taking part in National Rebuilding Day including one working directly for Rebuilding Together Spokane.

An AmeriCorps participant serving as the Community Coordinator for Rebuilding Together Spokane, Cody Moore has learned a lot in his first AmeriCorps term.  From fundraising to website design; advocacy to volunteer recruitment; homeowner selection to event planning, Moore has seen first-hand the value of service. “I am continuously impressed at peoples’ willingness to do things that directly benefit their neighbors and their community at large,” said Moore, “National Rebuilding Day was successful simply because the Spokane community stepped up.  We had business people donate their time and materials, construction workers lend their expertise, and people just like anyone else who simply made things happen using common sense and determination.”

Rebuilding Together is the nation’s leading non-profit working to preserve affordable home ownership and revitalize communities. Its network of more than 200 affiliates provides free rehabilitation and critical repairs to the homes of low-income Americans.
Held annually on the last Saturday in April, National Rebuilding Day brings together volunteers, sponsors, and people in need to rehabilitate and renovate homes and non-profit facilities in the span of just one day.

In 2009 the Spokane community was involved as it had never been before. Rebuilding Together Spokane had more independent community partners ranging from major sponsors, to in-kind donors to experts who served as advisers.   Senior centers, community centers, churches and veterans organizations also played a crucial role by delivering well-qualified candidates to the organization.