Camp Gifford Ropes Course February 2015


The thrill, danger and adrenaline coursed through veins at Salvation Army’s Camp Gifford Ropes Course.

Prior to the excitement of the ropes course, the YouthBuild crew participated in teambuilding activities, including the Name Toss where students passed around a stuffed giraffe. It became more complicated when a stuffed monkey was added to the mix and the original pattern of the giraffe toss had to be followed without the stuffed creatures hitting the ground. If either stuffed animal fell, the game had to restart. Of the team building activities, Alex VanderHouwen, AmeriCorps member, said

“…interesting. I had never thought of making a name memorization game into a team building activity.”

After teambuilding activities were completed, the long awaited ropes course was introduced. Many were exuberant about the opportunity while a few were apprehensive.

Andrew Nelson, a Spokane Service Team member, found the ropes course to be

“…exhilarating. It was worthwhile and fun.”


He also learned that some of his teammates were not as into the highflying fun as he was.