A Day in the Life of an AmeriCorps Member: Jay Orth, Student Teacher

jay orth

After hitting the snooze button too many times to count, I roll out of bed well before the sun comes up. I get all my last minute lesson plans in order before jumping in the shower, putting on my teacher clothes, and rushing out of the door with a much needed cup of coffee.

Arriving at Shadle Park High School around 7:30 AM, I greet students walking down the halls while trying to balance all of the things I have in my arms (books, papers, my lunch, my coffee, etc.).

Class starts promptly at 8AM. Luckily, I have first period prep most days so I have a little extra time to get my life in order before the students come in. My first two classes of the day are Geometry.

The next period is an Algebra 2 class where I serve more of an instructional assistant type role, working with students one on one. I then have a 30 minute lunch before teaching two periods of algebra 1.

At the sound of the bell at 2:30 PM, students are quickly rushing out of the classroom to catch the bus or get to their after school activities. I am then off to one of the various after school programs.

Some days I head over to Shaw Middle School to help with an after-school ELL program. Other days, I am staying after school assisting students individually with math. Once a month, I meet with college-bound seniors serving as a mentor.

If none of these after school activities are happening, then I am debriefing with teachers about my lessons or am planning for the next day. I get home between 3:30 and 5 depending on the day. I scarf down some dinner and get started on my homework from Gonzaga University or begin working on new lesson plans. Before I know it, I am back in bed waiting to hit the snooze button once again.

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